is a polyurethane foam that contains Ultra-Fresh, an antimicrobial treatment that is applied during the manufacturing process to limit the growth of bacteria and fungi. Ultra-Fresh treats articles by creating an inhospitable environment for dust mites, significantly reducing their numbers, thus playing a role as part of a general program of dust mite control in the home. Designed to suit people who has allegies and asthma.
Discharge at Night for
Better Sleep
The Intense mattress uses ultra- fine, multifilament carbon fiber thread. Each filament contains a conductive trilobal core, wrapped in a protective nylon envelope. The carbon filament captures the electrons in the surrounding material and releases them into the air at low voltage (from 4,000 volts). So the tension literally flows from the body, allowing for deeper, and a more relaxing sleep.
Pure Silk for Ultimate Softness...
When we speak of silk, we speak of softness, and who doesn't want to sleep softly? Silk is a pure and natural product. Its fibre has exceptional qualities. Pure silk feels cool in the summer but pleasantly warm in the winter. This is exactly what is needed for mattress ticking; nothing is more disruptive to sound and energising sleep than being too hot or too cold...
Cool comfort
CoolMax regulates the body's moisure secretion during the night, thus actually reduces perspiration. Moisture control tests have shown that CoolMax mattress fabrics dry considerably faster than other absorben fabrics.
Tomorrow's Technology Against Stains
No more fear of stains, whether oil based, lipstick, catsup, coffee, perspiration or red wine. Now 3M Scotchgard is wash-able, manages to maintain its superior stain resistant, continually-soft and breathe-through features.
Choose your fabric
Now, you can choose your fabric for your mattress. Each fabric represents a particular design and color range to inspire your sleeping solutions.
Glamorous, Brilliant & Miraclous...
One of the most effective and natural material known to protect man against all the negative elements in daily life. Available in Mattress ticking to enhance healthier sleep. Also naturally anti-bacterial to provide a safe sleep environment.
Natural Comfort & Thermo Regulation
ThermoCool is designed to optimize the body's natural thermo-regulating capabilities during the night. A smart and unique blend of natural fibers adapts the temperature to suit the sleeper's need and significantly increase sleeping comfort. You will never again feel too hot or too cold.
A Silver Touch of Comfort
Argentum+ mattress fabrics combine highly effective moisture management technology with an innovative anti-bacterial finish based on silver ions. Your mattress will stay cool, fresh and dry, night after night.
Enjoy Nature Every Night
Bamboo charcoal is an ideal component as it absorbs humidity and unpleasant odours, even purifying the air around the sleeping environment. In the health-oriented Japanese culture, the use of bamboo charcoal in a range of products has already been a long tradition. Thanks to the negative ions, sleeping in a bamboo charcoal environment, thereby helps to relieve stress.
Energetic Start After a Sound Night's Sleep
Bamboo yarn is made from 100% bamboo pulp fibre that, as a totally biodegradable and sustainable natural product, is fast becoming the most eco-friendly material of the 21st century. Once harvested, the bamboo is ground to a pulp from which silky soft threads are spun...
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