No Rolling
Our patented Ameri-Spring & Ameri-Guard technology dramatically reduces rolling together.
Weight Transfer
Weight is transferred from point of weight load to the entire unit, thus reducing resistance to the heaviest load areas.
Continuous Wire Innerspring reduces pressure points.
Total perimeter support for 20% more sleeping surface area.
Interlocking Coils
Even weight distribution for maximum body support.
Mini Pocket Spring
Creates a more comfortable touch feeling and more durable useful time.
Individual Pocket Spring
A natural fit to your body, giving you optimal support and minimal motion transfer, contributing to uninterrupted sleep.
3 Zone Independence Pocket Spring
3 Zones spinal protecting system is integrated with firm border design.
5 Zone Independence Pocket Spring
Dividing sleep system into 5 sections, which bring the right support to head, shoulder, back, hip and leg. Unsurpassed comfortable sleep comes into reality.
7 Zone Independence Pocket Spring
7 zone design focuses the seven parts of human body: head, neck, shoulder, back, hip, leg, and foot. It releases body pressure more reasonably.
Pocketed Spring
Staggered Pocketed Coils combine a nested structure, which creates an inconceivable tender touch feeling onto your body.
Semi-Flex Box
Steel reinforced slat system guarantee lifetime mattress support.
Superior Perimeter Edge
Uses high density foam encased edge support to reduce roll-off effect, thus providing a comfortable, restful sleep and durable edge support.
Superior Foam Encasement
High Density Foam Encased design increases the sleep surface. It provided durable edge support and prevents sagging borders.
3 Zone 3D Foam
Seperate to 5 Zone provides zones for head shoulder, mid-leg, lower back, and torso, to spread the weight evenly and offer additional support.
Fabric cover is treated with anti-dust mite treatment.
Necessary to keep sanitary-sensitive areas free and clear of foreign subtstances besides help improve air quality.
Comprehensive protection with antibacterial and antifungal treatment which inhibit the growth of mould & mildew.
Protects you from mosquitoes & other vermin to improve your sleeping comfort for better health & a better sleep environment.
Fire Retardant
It has successfully passed the Ignition Test conducted with different ignition sources such as smoldering cigarette and matches' flame.
Flexibility of Mattress (Luxury Plush)
Feels like a puff of clouds, enveloped with covers, melting into warmth and softness.
Flexibility of Mattress (Plush)
Plush Softness... feels like sleeping on many layers of smooth silk.
Flexibility of Mattress (Medium)
Moderate hardness, as if sleeping on natural grassland.
Flexibility of Mattress (Medium Firm)
Hard as a board. Your spine experiences strong support.
Flexibility of Mattress (Extreme Firm)
Super hard as a stone, feeling each angle of the stones points to / caresses every part of your back - Suitable for Back and Stomach Sleers.
Memory Foam
Memory Foam is an open-celled, body heat & body weight sensitive material that helps to alleviate the pressure points.
Nasa Technology
A material that would conform to the exact body weight and shape of each astronaut, temperature-sensitive foam technology that will cradle your body in an unbelievable way.
Soft Foam
Polyether based polyurethane foams, made with extra softness, for specific comfort applications.
Hard Foam
Polyether based polyurethane foams with an increased hardness range, ideal for application in areas where additional support is required.
Medium Density Foam
Medium grade of foam are used to provide support comfort. Foam tends to fall between the high 20kg/m3 range to 30kg/m3 range.
High Density Foam
Only the highest grade of foam is used to provide support comfort & durability. Foam tends to fall between the high 30kg/m3 range to 50kg/m3 range.
Euro Latex
Excellent resilience and tensile properties. Low permanent set, high elasticity and highest recovery to original shape and excellent tear resistance.
Natural Latex
Natural Latex is breathable; It keeps the optimum body temperature, it's a durable and it forms body impressions as well.
Two Sided Mattress
Two sided mattress offers great support and comfort, flipped to keep that "new" feeling.
Turn Free
Advance & long lasting components result in a turn free (anti-rotating) mattress, eliminating risk of injury.
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